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  • Lucerne Day Tours

    Lucerne is the ideal, central location, to begin your Swiss Alps Adventuure

    ECHO Trails offers an outstanding, tailored service for individuals and small groups who want to explore one of the most beautiful areas of Switzerland on foot, or on electronic bike. The average party size is 2 to 3 people.

    Our experienced guides are all native English speakers who will take the time to understand your needs, interests and fitness level. To help you decide on your Lake Lucerne Day Tour we have categorized under Easy, Moderate & Challenging.

    EASY – 1 + hour of level trail walking
    Lake Lucerne Panorama & Country Walk
    Lake Lucerne Villas & Castles
    Bürgenstock Day Trip
    Open Air Stanserhorn Ride with Panorama Cookout

    MODERATE – 2+ hours of hiking on mostly level signposted trails
    Mt. Pilatus Day Trip
    Mt. Rigi Day Trip
    Mt. Pilatus & Mt. Rigi “Two Peaks in 1 Day” Walking Tour
    William Tell Swiss Path Hike
    Heart of the Alps
    Lucerne Bike Tour with Boat Cruise

    CHALLENGING – 4+ hours of hiking with elevation gains
    Alpine Peak to Peak Ridge Hike

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