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  • Open Air Stanserhorn Ride with Panorama Cookout – Details

    Awesome Views of Alpine Mountains

    A short 13 minute train ride takes us to the nearby village of Stans. Then a short walk to the Stanserhorn Station.

    We board an old-time funicular originally installed in 1893 and travel through Swiss farmland and green pastures while enjoying the surrounding Mt. Pilatus and Lake Lucerne.

    We then transfer into the world’s first open-air “CabriO” cable car.
    Options available: stand indoors or outdoors in the upper deck.

    Once on top, we will walk to the 1800 m/6000 ft vista platform that extends over the mountain. We’ll inhale the awesome Alpine peak views.

    The tour guide will walk with you to the summit where you have a 360 degree view of the surrounding alps.

    At the public grilling area the guide will build a fire and grill local “Bratwursts” & “Cervelats” in the Swiss way. These are typical Swiss veal and pork sausages that all the Swiss locals eat on an outing along with Swiss wine and chocolates. (Please advise if you are vegetarian and we will prepare tofu shish kebabs.)

    Throughout the morning your guide will provide as much information as you would like hear how Switzerland was founded in 1291, why Lucerne is Lucerne and how Switzerland works today in a way that makes it reach the top 10 of just about every social and economic comparison in the world.

    As we return down the mountain, there is time to walk through the very picturesque main square in the village of Stans where you will see the “Winkelried Memorial; one of Switzerland’s hero’s who died while leading the Swiss Confederates to victory against the Habsburgs 700 years ago. Finally you walk to the nearby Stans train station and return to Lucerne with a sense of how Switzerland was formed, founded and functions today.

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