Adventure Check List

Here’s a Day Hiking Checklist to review the items you will want to carry with you

* Sunglasses
* Sunscreen
* Lip balm

* Jacket
* Shirt / Blouse
* Pants
* Gloves
* Hat

* Comfortable Hiking shoes and socks
* A small back or fanny pack for your necessities
* Water bottle to keep you hydrated or camelback
* Rain gear for just in case
* Camera and or Binoculars
* Energy food bars, trail mix
* Swiss Francs for Lunch

Hiking Shoes
You will want to be wearing comfortable hiking shoes as we will be hiking over yellow “Wanderweg” trails and on some segments over yellow/red “Bergweg” trails.

The terrain consists of stable dirt surfaces with some rock, patches of roots & small stones and some paved surfaces. Your shoes can be low-cut or mid-ankle but should have a sturdy sole such as Vibram. The makers of Lowa, Merrel, Meindl and Mammut are companies that make quality hiking shoes with a variety of styles and materials.

In Lucerne there are a number of sports stores available to assist you should you need to purchase hiking shoes. The Monday to Saturday store hours are typically 8.30 to 18.30; Sunday they are all closed.

Here are some of the more centrally located ones:
Ochsner Sport – have two locations; one on the Pilatus str. Close to the Renaissance and the other in the old part of Lucerne.

Intersport & Transa Sport (REI of Switzerland) – located by the Kasernenplatz

Mammut – located in the old part of Lucerne

I was introduced to Swiss made “Rohner” socks by a Swiss-American friend who always buys a batch of these socks to take home to the USA with him. The Rohner brand offer all types of socks for all kinds of sportswear.

For hiking socks they make it real simple – one sock marked L for the left foot and the other sock marked R for the right foot. Even us guys can get the right sock on.
Their website is:

You will find them in every sports store. In the U.S.A., firms like Thor-Lo and others produce equivalent socks.

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