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Buy Your “Swiss Travel System ” Tickets On-Line Now

Good News –  You can purchase and print out the main  Swiss Travel System tickets now*.

For those of you who would like to purchase one of the Swiss Travel System tickets  or regional passes like the Lake Lucerne Region Tell-Pass you can now do this on this page. These are the STS tickets you can purchase on-line now:

Swiss Travel Pass

Swiss Transfer Ticket

Swiss Half Fare Card

Family Card

The way this works.  You choose the STS ticket type that best meets your travel needs. You then input all the information and pay on-line.  The big advantage is  you can print out your respective STS ticket and  you have it in your possession.  You no longer  need to search on how to get your STS tickets.  The benefit of  you having your STS ticket is that when you arrive in Switzerland, you don’t have to  search for the nearest train station counter, stand in line and be anxious on what to do next.

Your STS ticket print out is your “official” ticket and that’s what you show the conductor. So easy!

 * The other STS tickets require things to be entered manually and not available on-line.