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  • About Echo Trails

    ECHO Trails is now recommended by Trip Advisor as one of the top rated tours companies in Lucerne

    In our TripAdvisor reviews, one can read first-hand the joys, awesome experiences, and wonderful memories people experience with our walking, hiking and biking tours.

    Our Beginnings
    ECHO Trails tours began in 2011 with the philosophy to “Relate & Be Visitor Focused.” We initially specialized on Day Trips in the Lake Lucerne region. Our successful philosophy has led to multi-day tours, and Day Tours in other locations.

    • We offer visitors guided day tours led by native English speaking guides.
    • English speaking guides can communicate the salient features of the area
    • Their fluency allows them to share his/her Swiss story experiences too. This emotional communication connection coupled with the ability to “relate with visitors” makes the ECHO Trails experience unique and different from all other native Swiss led tours

    Our Name
    The acronym ECHO stands for Ecological, Culture, Heritage and Outdoors and represents some of the main things you want to do and know about when you visit a new place.

    We utilize local public transportation providing a sense and interaction with the locals too.

    Voilá: ECHO Trails was created in Lucerne and is 100% sustainable by only using public transportation for all the tours.

    We invite you to join one of our English-speaking, guided day tours to experience the beauty of the area.

    Our guides are passionate about sharing their Switzerland story. Our Chief Adventure Officer, René Welti, is a Swiss-American, Swiss certified hiking guide with a 25+ year professional tourism career having led many trips and tours to and through Switzerland.

    Echo Trails offers 10 different Day trips based in the Lucerne area.

    Echo Trails also offers 3 different multi-day tours.

    The upcoming 2018 Summer season marks the beginning of ECHO Trails English Guided Day Tours in other Swiss destinations: Lugano, St. Moritz, Zermatt, Grindelwald, and Zurich.

    Each location and tour René Welti has personally guided over the years. The day tours provide visitors with the unique experience to interact with locals and get a sense of the place authentically. All the English speaking guides are selected on their ability to “Relate” and to provide you that “Most Memorable” day of your Swiss visit.

    The pace of the tours is leisurely with time to take photos. A stop at a local, scenic restaurant is always included. All tours work in tandem with Switzerland’s efficient public transportation system as we use local buses, trains and boats for our transfers.

    Swiss Tourism Experts
    René Welti is a Swiss certified hiking guide. René owns and operates Lucerne based ECHO Trails. He and his guides have hiked all the tours to ensure the smoothest & hassle-free experience for all the participants.

    We are delighted to have the support of Swiss tourism experts serving on the ECHO Trails Advisory Board. Ruedi Jaisli, Founder of Swiss Trails and a pioneer in Swiss Adventure tourism.

    He helped conceive the system of national, cross-Switzerland signposted routes. He scouted the routes, wrote and published the first guidebook and gathered Switzerlands’ ECO tourism partners into a national non-profit organization titled www.switzerlandmobility.ch.

    It is an ongoing effort created to maintain and sustain Switzerland’s natural resources for future generations.

    Swiss Trails is Switzerland’s official ground handler for www.switzerlandmobility.ch and provides luggage transport on all the national and regional hiking, biking, inline skating and paddling routes.

    We are proud to work with the owners, Ruedi and Prisca Jaisli, and their most capable luggage transport handlers. Their expertise and service is phenomenal.

    https://www.switzerland-explorer.ch/ owned by Julianna Priskin and Louis Palmer is a new strategic local partner.

    Julianna Priskin is a tourism expert in the field of sustainability.
    Louis Palmer is the first man who ever travelled around the world in a solar powered car, the so called “solartaxi”, for which United Nation’s Environment Programme has warded him with the “Champion of the Earth Award”.

    Together they offer tours to sustainable and authentic places with the world’s only 100% electric van.Interlaken based, Flying Wheels owners, Frank and Miriam, are the enthusiastic and passionate owners of their cycling company offering English-speaking guided tours with electric bikes as well as bike rentals in Interlaken.

    They have been an inspiration to ECHO Trails and we recommend their programs.


    Swiss Affiliations & Memberships

    Lucerne Tourist Office –  Friendly Host the first year it was created

    World Tourism Forum Lucerne – USA Ambassador

    SKAL International  – Member since 1987

    Adventure Travel Trade Association – Member

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