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Lucerne comes from the latin "lucerna" meaning lamp. The legend is an Angel with a light streaming finger directed the 8th century Benedictine monks to build the city's first chapel. The Hof Church Cathedral still stands and is one of Lucerne's centerpieces. Definitely worth a visit to see.

Many Swiss say Mt. Rigi is their favorite place for hiking. Also this is where Swiss tourism started in the 19th century with the first hotel built in 1816 in Switzerland. Mt. Rigi offers year-round hiking and that's why ECHO Trails offers Summer & Winter Mt. Rigi guided tours.

At 7000ft, Mt. Pilatus, Lucerne's "Home Mountain" offers awesome Swiss Alp views and a great way to experience the alps up close.

The on-the-lake perspective brings out all the beautiful tiny places that you normally wouldn't see from the road. That's why all the Full-Day Lake Lucerne Region tours include lake steamers in your experience.

Agriculture is still central to Swiss life today. "Everyone- can-do-an-E-bike tour"! You experience the "real Switzerland" with spectacular views you only get from the bike paths.


Your Invitation to Switzerland Adventure

Welcome to our custom intimate Swiss-guided-hiking-biking tours led by native English speakers! Let us help you feel the Alps first hand and plan your future European Swiss Alps vacation holiday today! Our base is in Lucerne for it’s easy access, central location (in a medieval town), situated directly on Lake Lucerne and surrounded by the Swiss Alps! Lucerne is located on all the major transportation hubs-trains,boats and planes! A Lucerne visit provides you one of the best places to experience all that Switzerland has to offer!

ECHO Trails offer smaller, individual tour “adventures” able to mix and mingle with the local people, offering daily surprises and history that will make you feel more like a local and not as a “tourist” – leaving you with years of special memories of Switzerland and the Alps! Each guided tour begins and ends by the Lucerne train station with an average tour size of 2 to 4 people.

Please choose from the full and/or half-day guided tours on the page (below or to the side). Each tour is linked to a separate page with a tour map, description, pictures and rates. The page will allow you to easily book an
on-line reservation for your tour today!

Please read the Trip Advisor reviews in the “Testimonials” section about their ECHO Trails experiences and see why ECHO Trails is Trip Advisor’s # 1 recommended tour company in Lucerne.

We look forward to sharing what we love best in Lucerne and the magnificent natural beauty of the Swiss Alps! Reserve your guided hike or bike tour today!

Ryan & René enjoying the Mt. Pilatus view

Geok & Michael from Singapore relaxing after their E-Bike ride

Michael & Geok relshing their alpine views only available from the E-Bike trails.

Geok & Michael High-Fiving their Lake Lucerne E-Bike experience

Peter & Tony from London, Jess from Brisbane, Australia and Anischka from the Netherlands enjoying their "In the Heart of the Alps" experience

Tom, Lynn, Bev & Richard from Canada enjoy "In the Heart of the Swiss Alps" hike

San Diego, Pete completes the 4-Day Lake Lucerne Circle Tour Hike

Australian couple loving the view

Mom, I hiked 30km / 18 miles today!

Evening shot of Mt. Pilatus on the cruise back to Lucerne

Cute Alpine women you meet on ECHO Trails tours

Mom & Daughter from California smiling after the Swiss Path hike

Kennie from Taiwan

Hartford, CT ladies enjoying the ride

Mt. Pilatus view

There's room for everyone on the trails.

Great view from Mt. Pilatus

Mt. Pilatus view from the Lake Lucerne boat

Easy local bus to start the Mt. Pilatus hike

On the trail

Coffee & apple flan on the mtn tastes extra good.

Alphorn on Mt. Rigi Cheese-Dairy farmer Franz Toni Kennel's place

Folklore on Mt. Pilatus

Easy family hiking on Mt. Rigi

Sausage grilling on the Mt. Rigi hike

Janie from San Jose, CA hiked the Engelberg Valley!

Afternoon Lake Lucerne View

Yes, You will see cows!

Lunch grilling spot on the Wildlife Trail

Swiss National Day Hiking Gang

Fun on Mt. Rigi

All hikes on sign posted paths.

Enjoying a cool one on the cruise back to Lucerne.

Enjoying "In the Heart of the Alps"

Singapore Honeymoon couple enjoying Mt. Pilatus

California couple enjoying Lake Lucerne

The day's reward; cheers!

Mt. Rigi hiking

Welcome to Lake Lucerne

Relaxing on the Swiss Path hike

Australian couple enjoying a glass of Swiss wine for lunch

Mt. Rigi snapshot

Fun on Mt. Rigi

Brunnen Swiss Victorinox visit

E-Bike tour scenery

Utah lady showing off!

Great rest spot

In the Heart of The Alps!

Savoring the views

Happy faces at the alpine restaurant